Our Beautiful Land

We give thanks to the Creator for allowing us the use of our beautiful land and entrusting our people with its care.
This replica becomes a Living Village during our Creek Fest. The old ways come alive with people early 1800’s Creek attire demonstrating the day-to-day goings on such as cooking, arrow making, stick weaving and other teachings.

People of One Fire

Over 1,000 years ago in the town of Talaqua was a Sacred Fire.  When the fire went out, some of the embers and ashes were saved.  When the fire was rekindled, the saved embers and ashes were sprinkled on the new Sacred Fire.  This practice was continued from fire to fire down through the generations.

When the town formed an alliance with another town, some of the embers and ashes from the Sacred Fire would be gifted to the other town.  The other town continued the same tradition with the embers and ashes from one Sacred Fire to the next with the gifting of embers and ashes.

When we gaze upon the Sacred Fire, we see the same fire as our ancestors 1,000 years before us saw.  This is why we are known as “The People of One Fire.”

People of one fire

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